Indie Mixed home business opportunity

ONLY Available in the USA & CAD for now!

Our story

Here at Indie Mixed we pride ourselves on being a truly one of a kind, inclusive and hard to forget experience. We are a team full of creatives of all types and have Mixologists from all over the United States and Canada who take pride in the masterpieces they create with cosmetics. 

Our products aren’t made with strictly outward beauty in mind, instead we have developed and continue to develop formulas that are vegan friendly, cruelty free and free of some of the toxins found in mainstream cosmetics. Indie Mixed stands behind our pledge to always be all the pretty without the icky.

Profit Plan

Let’s talk price! Yes, I know the dreaded part of making a sale is dropping the price bomb.

Indie Mixed polishes are $20 with their choice of two pigments mixed. If they’d like 3 there is an additional $2 up charge.

Can they add more than 3? You realllllly don’t want to do that.

Why? Too much pigment or too many different types of pigments can cause the polish to be too thick when applying, chip or peel quickly or take FOREVER to dry. No one wants that, trust me!

Y’all these are custom made, unless you release the exact measurements of the pigments, glitters, flakies, etc. you used, NO ONE will ever have the color they made. Custom anything always comes with a slightly higher price tag, especially when it’s high quality.

Which brings me to my next point. Our bases are proprietary, this means we will be the only one with this particular formula. You’ve all seen that it is far cleaner than the polishes on the shelves in stores. Who doesn’t like all the pretty without the icky?

Shipping is $4 for the first 2 polishes, $.50 each additional up to $7.50!