Work from home with NZ nails

Thank-you for showing interest in NZ nails! We are a nail polish strip company and more based out of Houston, TX. 
To sign-up to become an affiliate there is a two page form. Please make sure when you sign-up you use your paypal email to make sure all commission is paid to you.
Once you receive your affiliate approval email please let your upline  Jenae M. Say know you joined that way you can get the support that you deserve as well as an invite into our FaceBook group where you will find all of the information you need, the reps only discount as well as giveaway incentives!

30% commission

35% product discount

Paid 5 tiers down

No quotas & No extra fees

Once you are on the website feel free to browse around and check out our amazing deals and varieties! Once you are ready to join scroll to the bottom and click onto "Become an affiliate" on the left hand corner and from there click "Continue" to fill out your information.

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"I Look forward to working with you!" ~Jenae M. Say